Diverse Europe

by Dusan Orvar

Yes, I see europeans as a group, but just as every group the european group has some smaller groups and then smaller groups and smaller and so on and on.

But it’s just the question how far you go into complicating your group. Eventually your group will only have one member. Or none.And if you are alone you are not much of a group. And discriminating other people from your group will not make the group any succes.

That’s why I talk about europe in it’s whole geographical term. Even though there are many different cultures in europe, we all have some sort of connection. We for one, have similair pagan gods, we all have comparable features and we live on the european continent.

We can not afford ourselves to discriminate other europeans or to fight each other in these times. Sure, we have our own group and culture that we cherish, and we should cherish, but  if we do not stick together and protect our brothers we will eventually all turn into a money-based / islamic / consuming state without our old european cutlures and where the kids only learn econimocial subjects and nothing about our forefathers and our heritage. It is somewhat the diversity that we want to keep, and we can only keep this diversity by sticking together and helping each other. If that makes any sense to you.

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