Feminism, and what it has to do with our future.

by Dusan Orvar

Hello again,

Feminism.Where I live feminism is praised, and if you have something against feminism, you are automatically a sexist pig. This is not true. Let me explain to you my views on feminism.

Woman are different from men, I think we have all discovered that at some age. Woman have a womb which can carry a child. Of course woman and men also have different looks / attributes, But we all know that Like I said. This means that they are somehow biologically (just like with other mamals) better in different skills.

A woman in my opinin should be able to care for her family, cook for them, love them and take care of them. A wife should be a loving, warm, carying person. Nowadays, being a housewife is looked upon like an insult, but it should not be so, woman should be praised for taking good care of our children and our future generations.

I’m not saying that woman should not study or get a good job. But they should not take making big money as a priority to having a familly. Because if all the smart woman chose not to have any children, we will soon only have dumber children, as the non-smart woman will be the only woman to raise kids. Do not get me wrong on this, I’m not saying that non-smartness is genetecally decided. But if only non-smart woman raise kids, they will raise them non-smart things and the kids will also become non-smart.

Here I will qoute something I read somewhere: “Women are equipped with a womb and breasts for a reason. That is just how nature works, whether we like it or not. It is not demeaning for a woman to be a woman.

I was thinking about writing another alinea on how this affects our modern-european culture or our future european culture, but if you look two alineas above me I think I have explained it well enough.

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-Dusan Orvar