Not racially “supreme”

by Dusan Orvar

Based on a comment I have received on my previous post, I decided to clear out some things.

I do not believe that White or European people are supreme above other races. There is a difference in the races and their cultures and we should respect that and keep it that way. A non-European in Europe should however behave himself as a guest in the land of the Europeans, and not like he is supreme on our land.

An European that has committed a crime in Europe should get just as much of a sentence as an (example) African in Africa. But an African that commits a crime in Europe should in fact get a bigger sentence or punishment than a European in Europe. (And vice versa). This is because the non-European is a guest in Europe. (and vice versa)

However notice I put down “Racially” in the name of this post. I do believe that persons that are more eager for knowledge or wisdom and that are not brain-washed fools of the television and obey-ers of the all-destroying Coca-Cola culture are supreme to the ones who are. Might he be an European or an Indian.

I respect the cultures and the history that all races have made in their pasts, but we should not go about and mix the cultures, as the only thing that could happen then is that a compromise should be made between the two (or more) parties and that then only and mostly the less-interesting or non-glorious stuff remains. Which leaves a hole for the big multinational capitalists to take advantage of and make the confused puff-less fouls into their slaves.

So in some way Europeans are supreme in Europe and Africans are supreme in Africa, but the eventually supreme ones are the intelligent (or craving to be intelligent) and proud people.