European brothers,

by Dusan Orvar

European brothers,

Like you must have noticed we are losing control of our beautiful ancient land. Non-European Immigrants that come here and do not even act like guests but just act like total scumbags and there kids who hang on the streets making un-needed harassing comments to white kids for no reason. Our culture that we have been building for hundreds of years is being replaced by a capitalistic Coca Cola culture.

Our possible political saviors are many times terrible un-intelligent dummy-heads, and our so called “Politically to the right groups” are many times also just dummy-heads, like the one they have in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders.

If we do not make a stand soon and wake up the people soon we will fall even deeper into a the hole of total destruction until there is completely no way back.

And I think we might have already landed in the point of no return.

If you can distribute the flyers that I will post on this web-blog do so, and try to save some people from devastation. Join our movement any way you can. Do not get brain-washed by our governments that do not represent the intelligent people.

If you want to receive flyers or if you have any questions, or even if you want to help me in this movement message met at:

-Dusan Orvar