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Month: July, 2012

Diverse Europe

Yes, I see europeans as a group, but just as every group the european group has some smaller groups and then smaller groups and smaller and so on and on.

But it’s just the question how far you go into complicating your group. Eventually your group will only have one member. Or none.And if you are alone you are not much of a group. And discriminating other people from your group will not make the group any succes.

That’s why I talk about europe in it’s whole geographical term. Even though there are many different cultures in europe, we all have some sort of connection. We for one, have similair pagan gods, we all have comparable features and we live on the european continent.

We can not afford ourselves to discriminate other europeans or to fight each other in these times. Sure, we have our own group and culture that we cherish, and we should cherish, but  if we do not stick together and protect our brothers we will eventually all turn into a money-based / islamic / consuming state without our old european cutlures and where the kids only learn econimocial subjects and nothing about our forefathers and our heritage. It is somewhat the diversity that we want to keep, and we can only keep this diversity by sticking together and helping each other. If that makes any sense to you.

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Feminism, and what it has to do with our future.

Hello again,

Feminism.Where I live feminism is praised, and if you have something against feminism, you are automatically a sexist pig. This is not true. Let me explain to you my views on feminism.

Woman are different from men, I think we have all discovered that at some age. Woman have a womb which can carry a child. Of course woman and men also have different looks / attributes, But we all know that Like I said. This means that they are somehow biologically (just like with other mamals) better in different skills.

A woman in my opinin should be able to care for her family, cook for them, love them and take care of them. A wife should be a loving, warm, carying person. Nowadays, being a housewife is looked upon like an insult, but it should not be so, woman should be praised for taking good care of our children and our future generations.

I’m not saying that woman should not study or get a good job. But they should not take making big money as a priority to having a familly. Because if all the smart woman chose not to have any children, we will soon only have dumber children, as the non-smart woman will be the only woman to raise kids. Do not get me wrong on this, I’m not saying that non-smartness is genetecally decided. But if only non-smart woman raise kids, they will raise them non-smart things and the kids will also become non-smart.

Here I will qoute something I read somewhere: “Women are equipped with a womb and breasts for a reason. That is just how nature works, whether we like it or not. It is not demeaning for a woman to be a woman.

I was thinking about writing another alinea on how this affects our modern-european culture or our future european culture, but if you look two alineas above me I think I have explained it well enough.

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-Dusan Orvar

Not racially “supreme”

Based on a comment I have received on my previous post, I decided to clear out some things.

I do not believe that White or European people are supreme above other races. There is a difference in the races and their cultures and we should respect that and keep it that way. A non-European in Europe should however behave himself as a guest in the land of the Europeans, and not like he is supreme on our land.

An European that has committed a crime in Europe should get just as much of a sentence as an (example) African in Africa. But an African that commits a crime in Europe should in fact get a bigger sentence or punishment than a European in Europe. (And vice versa). This is because the non-European is a guest in Europe. (and vice versa)

However notice I put down “Racially” in the name of this post. I do believe that persons that are more eager for knowledge or wisdom and that are not brain-washed fools of the television and obey-ers of the all-destroying Coca-Cola culture are supreme to the ones who are. Might he be an European or an Indian.

I respect the cultures and the history that all races have made in their pasts, but we should not go about and mix the cultures, as the only thing that could happen then is that a compromise should be made between the two (or more) parties and that then only and mostly the less-interesting or non-glorious stuff remains. Which leaves a hole for the big multinational capitalists to take advantage of and make the confused puff-less fouls into their slaves.

So in some way Europeans are supreme in Europe and Africans are supreme in Africa, but the eventually supreme ones are the intelligent (or craving to be intelligent) and proud people.

European brothers,

European brothers,

Like you must have noticed we are losing control of our beautiful ancient land. Non-European Immigrants that come here and do not even act like guests but just act like total scumbags and there kids who hang on the streets making un-needed harassing comments to white kids for no reason. Our culture that we have been building for hundreds of years is being replaced by a capitalistic Coca Cola culture.

Our possible political saviors are many times terrible un-intelligent dummy-heads, and our so called “Politically to the right groups” are many times also just dummy-heads, like the one they have in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders.

If we do not make a stand soon and wake up the people soon we will fall even deeper into a the hole of total destruction until there is completely no way back.

And I think we might have already landed in the point of no return.

If you can distribute the flyers that I will post on this web-blog do so, and try to save some people from devastation. Join our movement any way you can. Do not get brain-washed by our governments that do not represent the intelligent people.

If you want to receive flyers or if you have any questions, or even if you want to help me in this movement message met at:

-Dusan Orvar